Case Study: Challenging Recruitment for a Large CRO

September 1, 2023

Client: Large CRO

Ask: Find and enroll trial participants in the Southwest and turn under-performing sites into performing ones.

Situation: U.S. enrollment in this global phase III was lagging behind and jeopardizing timelines.

PanAmerican Solution: PanAmerican focused its efforts in cities with the relevant high disease incidence. This included identifying the right research clinics and health systems serving the relevant population, quickly forging relationships, supporting site onboarding, and performing recruitment and retention activities on the ground.

PanAmerican Result: What could not be accomplished in 2 years PanAmerican completed in 10 months, helping the CRO achieve its mandate and the sponsor complete a trial for a product that will positively impact healthcare and change lives for years to come.

“PanAmerican Clinical Research understands that recruitment for complicated protocols does not stop at reviewing a site’s patient database, or simply paying for an advertisement and then throwing up one’s hands. PanAmerican does whatever it takes and that is why they are successful. Whether sending their research physicians into communities to build trust and find patients, or conducting health screening fairs, or onboarding and training research naïve medical clinics with the right population, or building relationships with sophisticated health systems, or leveraging their impressive data resources, they will get the job done.”

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