Clinical Research as a Health Care Option

October 9, 2023

Taking care of our health can be an enormous challenge. Unfortunately, not all of us have the privilege of having medical insurance that can cover us when an emergency or health situation arises. So many people live daily, hoping that nothing happens and their health is as "stable" as possible. You may have never heard of clinical research and may have many questions about what it means to be part of it.


Clinical research has existed for hundreds of years. Thanks to this process, in which people voluntarily participate, we have obtained different medications and vaccines. From those that help us combat minor discomforts such as a common headache. As well as significant diseases that can affect us significantly.


Participating in clinical research is very easy, plus it has excellent benefits.


1. You will be among the first to receive treatments or vaccines with the latest technology. When you participate in clinical research, you will have the opportunity to receive the latest in the market. In recent years, with the pandemic situation, we saw that the virus mutated, and many variants, such as Omicron, emerged. The first vaccines against COVID-19 only protected against the original variant (Wuhan). The new studies are aimed at Omicron variants. Recent clinical research studies use vaccines that cover these variants to protect you better.


2. You will have a check-up and a multidisciplinary team looking after you. When participating in clinical research, regardless of the duration of your study, six months or two years.You will have doctors, specialists, nurses, and medical assistants looking for anything that could happen during the study. In addition, many programs begin with blood samples in which you can tell if something is out of the ordinary.


3. It is voluntary. From the first moment you attend a visit until the last day of your last visit, your participation in the study will be entirely voluntary. As a clinic, we are very grateful when patients participate with us.


4. It is confidential. Your information will be secure by participating in clinical research. You will not be asked for essential information such as your social security number. The rest of your information, such as name, phone number, or address, will not be shared with the sponsor.


5. It is free and does not require insurance. Participating in clinical research is very simple; there is no requirement to have any medical insurance. In addition, you could receive financial compensation for the travel expenses generated by each visit.


These and many more benefits come after participating in clinical research. If you want to be one of our participants, do not hesitate to contact us through our social networks or at any of our numbers. PanAmerican will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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