FHI Clinical and PanAmerican Clinical Research Forge Strategic Partnership to Propel Global Public Health Initiatives

January 11, 2024

FHI Clinical and PanAmerican Clinical Research proudly announce a strategic partnership, marking another step forward in global public health through research. This collaboration will focus on infectious diseases like COVID, Dengue, Encephalitis, Malaria, Zika, neglected tropical and other emerging diseases, addressing critical health threats in resource-limited regions like Africa and Latin America. By leveraging the unique capabilities of each organization, we aim to create a powerful synergy that enhances our research capabilities and increases our social impact by supporting the development of life-saving vaccines and medicines.

FHI Clinical is recognized for its distinguished legacy in conducting clinical trials, particularly in resource-limited regions like Africa, and it stands at the forefront of addressing infectious, neglected tropical, and emerging health threats in vulnerable populations. With a history that encompasses more than 500 studies across 37indications (including regulatory, feasibility, epidemiology and observational studies) and more than 60 clinical trials run over the past 5 years alone, FHIClinical has solidified its position as a global full-service Contract ResearchOrganization (CRO).

PanAmerican Clinical Research, operating predominantly in Latin America, stands as a woman-owned entity exclusively staffed by bilingual physicians proficient in local languages. Their dedication to patient-centered and community-focused approaches has established strong relationships with the local communities they serve. At PanAmerican, giving back to these communities is not just a practice but a core value, ensuring patients receive the care they need while contributing to much-needed medical advancements.

By pooling resources and expertise, FHIClinical and PanAmerican can exponentially contribute to reducing the global disease burden. Some of the specific initiatives of this partnership include improving access to diverse patient populations, often treatment-naive, and ensuring high-quality data crucial for advancing medical research. Furthermore, the partnership aims to elevate the general standard of care in the involved settings through the high standards required in clinical trials, providing improved healthcare access to more patients.

Moreover, conducting clinical trials in resource-limited settings is central to the partnership's strategy. This approach builds essential capacity, addresses industry challenges, and contributes to lasting positive changes in global health.

The collaboration signifies a shared commitment to shaping the future of healthcare and underscores our dedication to making meaningful differences in the lives of individuals globally. Please contact us at BRistagno@panamclinicalresearch.com for further information or inquiries.

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