Pan American Clinical Research

Clinical Services

Save time, get results.

Leverage our experience to conduct your research in the most effective way, facilitate rapid study start up, ensure proper trial oversight, sustain quality outcomes, and deliver on time.

Our unique network throughout Latin American and in the U.S. enables research in the most challenging locations and therapeutic areas and provides access to special populations in limited-resource high density and rural communities.

Clinical Services

  • Clinical operations
  • Project management
  • Site assessment & management
  • Study coordinators
  • Remote visits
  • Monitoring
  • Logistics
  • Vendor oversight
  • Translations
  • Drug depot

Case Study

Client: Large Pharmaceutical Company

Ask: Run the Latin American region for a pediatric phase III global trial.

Situation: The other global regions were struggling to hit enrollment targets due to a challenging patient population and inclusion/exclusion criteria.  

PanAmerican Solution: Rather than select sites simply based on a potential productive patient database, PanAmerican opened sites in communities it identified as having a high disease incidence as determined through an extensive site network and community health screening events. To emphasize recruitment and participant engagement and to control GCP quality in such approach, PanAmerican embedded an experienced, medically and research trained study coordinator at each site.    

PanAmerican Result: Latin America became the highest enrolling region in the global trial, in the least amount of time, with the fewest sites, and with no adverse audit findings.

“PanAmerican is our go to partner in the Southwest and Latin America and consistently outperforms all other regions for global trials – both in recruitment and quality of data.”