PanAmerican’s Site & Home Health Support During the COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 is certainly impacting clinical research, yet clinical trials must continue. They are crucial to the development of products for COVID-19, as well as other life changing drugs and vaccines. PanAmerican is furthering clinical research during these challenging times through its home health services and established research sites.

Home Health Services

Since 2016, PanAmerican has performed over 5000 in-home protocol visits through its GCP trained and licensed home health providers. PanAmerican’s home health service is more important than ever due to traditional sites being closed during the pandemic and the inability of participants to travel to clinics. PanAmerican is able to execute any protocol visit, safely, no matter how challenging. Example services include:

Drug delivery Sub-cutaneous & IV infusion
Biological sample collection & packaging Health screening & clinical assessments
EKG/ECG Patient & caregiver training
Monitoring Logistics

PanAmerican Research Sites & CAIMED Site Alliance

In 2020, PanAmerican formed an alliance with Centro de Atención e Investigación Médica (CAIMED). First, PanAmerican and CAIMED have opened a combined research center of excellence in Brownsville, TX, USA.  Second, the organizations now provide 12 sites in Latin America, each with experience in infectious disease, proven recruitment results, operating under ISO 9001, and leveraging Part 11 compliant electronic systems that permit real time information and remote monitoring. PanAmerican’s sites are overseen by Dr. Maria Reyes, internal medicine & infectious disease, and Dr. Eulises Franco, epidemiology. CAIMED is led by Dr. Humberto Reynales, internal medicine and with a Master of Science in infectious disease.

PanAmerican and CAIMED’s sites remain open during the COVID-19 Pandemic, while taking all necessary safety precautions. And, homes visits are available to supplement these sites as needed. While the FDA and U.S. IRBs are providing expedited regulatory timelines for COVID-19 trials, please know that numerous ministries of health and ethics committees in Latin America are doing the same, for example COFEPRIS and INVIMA.  

For more information or to discuss your upcoming COVID-19 or other trials, please contact PanAmerican at or call 301-633-6602.

About PanAmerican

PanAmerican Clinical Research provides clinical operations, regulatory support, patient recruitment, home visits, and research sites in Texas and throughout all of Latin America. PanAmerican employs infectious disease physicians and epidemiologists and its research sites have a strong emphasis on infectious disease and the ability to recruit not only from their established databases, but also in the community. PanAmerican is able to support all trials, no matter the complexity or size, due to its strategic partnership with global CROs and with CAIMED, Latin America’s most experienced infectious disease research site organization. Contact PanAmerican to learn more: