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PanAmerican’s Clinical Trial Support During the COVID-19 Pandemic

At PanAmerican Clinical Research, we understand that the rapidly evolving Coronavirus pandemic represents a global threat that is not only overwheliming health systems, but also disrupting the clinical research enterprise so vital to the development of life changing drugs and vaccines. Researchers, pharmaceutical companies, institutions, and governments around the world are using significant resources and expending incredible effort to develop a variety of products to diagnose, treat and prevent COVID-19. At the same time, there are numerous other products currently under clinical development that require attention and resources.  PanAmerican remains ready and able to support ongoing clinical trials for all diseases and to support COVID-19 research. 

Trials Impacted by COVID-19

PanAmerican Clinical Research has the strategies and capacity to continue clinical research during the pandemic. PanAmerican has always operated in a community and home health capacity with GCP trained and licensed providers able to execute in-home trial visits and procedures for any protocol. These in-home visits have even occurred on previous infectious disease studies and PanAmerican understands how to keep patients, their family, and PanAmerican’s clinicians safe.  This in-home model is now more important than ever in light of concern over travel restrictions and sites shutting down. Not to mention, FDA’s COVID-19 Guidance encourages alternative methods of assessment and visits beyond traditional site models. If you need assistance determining how to keep your clinical trials running, PanAmerican is happy to provide its home visit recommendations.    

COVID-19 Trials

The last pandemic seen in our lifetime was Pandemic Influenza AH1N1 in 2009-2010, with its epicenter in Mexico. Two core members of PanAmerican’s team, Kathy Lenhard, CEO, and Dr. Eulises Franco, Senior Medical Advisor, were responsible for the operational planning and execution of the successful AH1N1 2009-2010 vaccine clinical trial in Mexico [Vaccine 29 (2011) 7826-7834]. The succcessful trial enrolled 4563 participants in five months and resulted in a novel vaccine candidate. PanAmerican is fortunate to have actual experience conducting a large scale trial in the middle of a Pandemic. PanAmerican is also fortunate to have a state of the art research clinic in Brownsville, TX, USA in partnership with the leading infectious disease research site organization, CAIMED. This site has performed Phase I-III vaccine trials, as well as therapeutic trials, since 2010. PanAmerican and CAIMED also operate 12 sites in Latin American all with infectious disease experience and proven results. Do not hesitate to contact PanAmerican as you or your colleagues plan COVID-19 trials.